Other Businesses

Sheltech is a multi-disciplinary company engaged in consultancy services in various activities related to Foundation Engineering, Construction and other businesses. The other businesses of Sheltech are:

Real Estate

Ceramic Tiles (Floor + Wall) Manuufacturing

Foundation Engineering and Construction

Hotel Chain

Abrasive Paper Manufacturing

SPC Pole Manufacturing

Tea Estate

Meat Processing

Financial Institution (Stock Brokerage)

Construction & Foundation Engg.

Freight Forwarding

Online Property Solutions

GSA for Airlines

Estate Management

Real Estate (Sheltech (Pvt.) Ltd.)

Sheltech (Pvt.) Ltd. is one of the pioneers in the Real Estate and Housing Industry of Bangladesh. It was established in 1988 as a Real Estate developing company. During these 27 years of service, Sheltech has steadily consolidated its expertise and has completed more than 150 projects in Bangladesh. The team at Sheltech comprises of over 300 professionals, architects, engineers and urban planners, who were chosen on the basis of their excellent technical and management skills. Additionally, a well-trained force of 3000 workers is also employed at various projects of Sheltech. In recognition of Sheltech's excellent quality control in the design and construction of its buildings, Sheltech has achieved the ISO 9001: 2008 certificate, which is the international standard for quality management. Sheltech is also one of the founding members of the Real Estate & Housing Association of Bangladesh (REHAB).

Construction & Foundation Engineering (Sheltech Engineering Ltd.)

The main objective of Sheltech Engineering Ltd. is to execute all types of R.C.C. piling works, R.C.C. shore piling, joist-driving etc. and construction management of all types of residential, commercial, industrial and hospital buildings. Sheltech Engineering Ltd. is a complete solution Construction Management Company specializing in building construction process from design to material purchase, construction, supervision and quality control. Sheltech Engineering Ltd. is also equipped with mechanical workshop to fabricate scaffolding, joists, shuttering props, aluminum works etc.

Hotel Chain (Sheltech Holdings Ltd.)

Sheltech Holdings Ltd. with its own brand of “Platinum Hotels by Sheltech” represents a new facet to the hospitality industry in Dhaka. The concept of smart business travel is evolving rapidly and our hotels cater to the smart business travelers who crave distinct and unique experience. Platinum Suites, Platinum Residence and Platinum Grand aim to offer both style and functionality to the well-travelled guests who relish urban contemporary lifestyle and demand easy access to integrated technology and high connectivity.

Finanalcial Instituion (Sheltech Brokerage Ltd.)

Sheltech Brokerage Limited is a full service Stock Brokerage company. It is currently a TREC-Holder of Dhaka Stock Exchange Limited. The key services of the organization include stock trading, settlement services, and tailored advisory for its high net worth clients.

SPC Pole Manufacturing (Sheltech Technology Ltd.)

Sheltech Technology Ltd. is going to start manufacturing the precast concrete poles. The concrete poles will be manufactured at its own plant at Sylhet to meet the expanding need of overhead power distribution and power transmission.

Ceramic Tiles (Floor + Wall) Manuufacturing (Sheltech Ceramics Ltd.)

Sheltech Ceramics Ltd. is another company of Sheltech to start manufacturing of Ceramic Tiles very soon. There is a huge local demand for floor and wall tiles in Bangladesh. Sheltech Ceramics Ltd. aims to fulfill the demand providing international standard Ceramic Tiles. The proposed plant is being constructed and fabricated at Bhola.