Quality Policy

Sheltech’s quality policy is established on a commitment by all its staffs and consultants to provide consultancy service that satisfies our clientele.

Our management is keen to provide the directions and means to fulfill our Quality Policy through the following objectives:

Understanding the needs and expectations of the clients to the fullest;

Maintain professionalism and work directly with clients to understand their need;

Make commitments that we fully understand and believe we can meet;

Provide our best available services with fullest satisfaction of clients;

Studying the problems from a multi-disciplinary viewpoint to provide practical solutions;

Out of the box thinking to generate innovative ideas;

Provide the solutions on time, utilizing efficient and analytical methods;

Provide a system of continuous improvement across all disciplines;

Provide a system of employee involvement, motivation and training;

Sstain and develop business growth and intellectual property.

We follow national and international standards on quality management system set out by International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) and Bangladesh Association of Consulting Engineers (BACE) to ensure quality of services achieving client satisfaction.

We review our performance and practice periodically and very careful to continuing improvements of all the areas to ensure the organizational goals.