Planning and Designing for Various Infrastructure and Utility Plans and Components with Ancillary Works for Uttara Residential Model Town (3rd Phase) Project

Client: Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (RAJUK)

Location:Dhaka, Bangladesh

Timeframe:January 2008 - December 2010

The primary objective of the consultancy service is to prepare a comprehensive and sustainable development proposal for UttaraModelTown (3rd Phase) Project. The project is encompassing the area is about 2010 acres and is located entirely within and adjacent to the western Dhaka flood protection embankment constructed on the east bank of the Turag River. The master plan of the area of the 3rd phase divides the whole area into 4 sectors, which are again area subdivided into 40 neighborhoods. The project is expected to accommodate more than six hundred thousand people within its area. The objective of the consultancy services is to assess the land use plan prepared by RAJUK, physical verify the project area to examine conditions of it respects to land development land-use, drainage pattern, hydrological aspects, environmental aspects, geotechnical aspects, transportation aspects and socio-economic conditions. The project includes design of construction supervision of 4 to 8 lanes 10 arch