Char Development and Settlement Project (CDSP) Phase-II

Client: Ministry of Water Resources, Ministry of LGRD and Cooperatives, Ministry of Land.

Location:Noakhali, Chittagong; Bangladesh

Timeframe:July 2000 - September 2004

The project being operated by the Technical and Financial assistance from the Govt. of the Netherlands with contribution from GOB and WFP and is implemented by five GOB agencies including DAE. Char Development and Settlement Project CDSP II is a follow-up project by CDSP I and follows in the footsteps of CDSP I as far as applying methodologies for Char Development, which are generally accepted and considered successful. The long-term objective of CDSP II is to improve the economic situation and living conditions of the people in the coastal areas in south-eastern Bangladesh with special reference to the poorest segment of the population such as very small farmers, landless households and destitute women. The operational objectives of the project are formulated as (i) To promote an institutional environment that sustains the proposed CDSP II intervention; (ii) To accumulate and disseminate data and knowledge on coastal chars in sustainable way; and (iii) To improve the economic and soc