Preparation of Development Plan for Fourteen Upazilas (Package # 02).

Client: Urban Development Directorate (UDD)

Location:Ishwarganj in Mymensingh, Shibpur and Raipura Upazila in Dhaka; Bangladesh

Timeframe:January 2015 - October 2017

A comprehensive development plan is required to address the required landuse transform, which will not allow any unauthorized and unplanned development either in Urban Area or in Rural Area. Due to lack of the upazilas have developed in a unplanned way. In this regard “Preparation of development Plan for Fourteen Upazilas” is the outcome of such effort in Bangladesh which will promote well organized development and use of land to ensure a balanced economic growth and reduce abuse of limited natural resources that are attached to land. The broad objective of development plan preparation of Ishwarganj, Shibpur and Raipura upazilas is to provide guidelines for physical development based on future needs and opportunities and constrains. Under this project, a five tier plan namely the Structure Plan, Urban Area Plan, Rural Area Plan Action Area Plan and Regional Plan will be prepared focusing on land-use, transportation and traffic and comprehensive drainage and environmental managemen