Preparation of Development Plan of Cox’s Bazar Town and Sea Beach up to Teknaf including Maheshkhali and St. Martin Island

Client: Urban Development Directorate (UDD)

Location:Cox’s Bazar, Teknaf, Maheshkhali & Saint Martin Island in Chittagong; Bangladesh

Timeframe:October 2009 - June 2011

Cox\'s Bazar is the only sea beach resort town of the country and is renowned for the sea beach, which is also globally regarded as the longest natural sandy beach. Cox\'s Bazar and adjacent sea beach are the remarkable places of tourism attractiveness in Bangladesh.There is ample opportunity for developing Cox\'s Bazar as a Tourism city with the provision of necessary tourism related services and facilities and also there is abundant scope for flourishing Eco-Tourism which will cover Beach Tourism, Cultural Tourism, Recreational Tourism, and City Based Tourism and so on in the area. But due to some problems such as squatter settlement, destabilization of slopes, unplanned development of shops and residential hotels/ motels and other overlapping administrative anomalies, etc, this sector has yet been able to enhance its desirability to magnetize the tourists. Realizing the importance of tourism sector, the Government of Bangladesh has taken a number of steps. For example, very recently