Urban Infrastructure Improvement Project (ADB-TA No. 2666 - BHU)

Client: Ministry of Communication, Bhutan


Timeframe:August 1997 - February 1998

The main objective of the Technical Assistance (TA) in to prepare an investment project to improve the urban infrastructure and services in Thimpu and Phuntsholing with a view to keep up with urban expansion and arrest the deteriorating urban environment. The TA will also provide the Govt. with aerial photos and digital topographical maps of the two cities as basic requirements for urban management and project preparation. The project essentially falls into two phases; phase 1 in brief summary being the collection of data, assessment of housing, infrastructure and services needs and review and screening of existing and new proposals. This will lead to (second) consultative workshop in Thimpu and Phuntsholing, and submission of a midterm report. The second phase consists of developing a viable five year urban infrastructure project including engineering and financial feasibility, social and environmental considerations, together with all institutional arrangements to support and monito