Management and Operational Support (Twining) Programme

Client: Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (DWASA)

Location:Dhaka; Bangladesh

Timeframe:March 1997 - August 2000

The key objective of the project is aimed to achieved the capacity building of DWASA in terms of: i) To develop the efficient and effective management and ensure proper and judicious planning; ii) Ensure the exact and actual efficacy and to monitor the operation and maintenance system; iii) To build the system and operate these most efficiently with cost effectiveness; iv) Along with these Technical and managerial support, Consultants provided in the development and implementation of DWASA Organizational Structure Systems, procedures and practices required for Commercial Utility services; v) The Consultant is to provide back support in carrying out the day to-day operations in assistance to DWASA’s management affairs, which ensure the operational, financial and institutional performance.