Unaccounted Water Management Program for Chittagong WASA

Client: Chittagong Water Supply & Sewerage Authority

Location:Chittagong, Bangladesh

Timeframe:July 1993 - September 1995

Chittagong WASA was experiencing an unacceptably high level of leakage and unaccounted for water in the distribution network system. For this purpose CWASA implemented a comprehensive unaccounted water management program for the water distribution system throughout the CWASA area of supply. This project was a technical assistance to CWASA by World Bank with the objective to improve and strengthen the institutional, operational and financial capability of the agency. The main objectives of this project was: (i) To develop and put in place a comprehensive unaccounted water management program for CWASA; (ii) To improve the financial capability of CWASA through a systematic program of reduction of unaccounted water; and (iii) To improve the institutional and operational capability of CWASA through training of CWASA personnel.