Preparation of Detailed Area Plan (2016-2035) For DMDP Area; Lot 1: Part-A (75,259 Hectare)

Client: Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (RAJUK)

Location:Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Timeframe:April 2015 - March 2017

The existing Detailed Area Plan (2010-2015) is not up to the mark considering its capability of addressing the versatility of various problems. The proposals of DAP (2010-2015) were molded according to the guidelines of Structure Plan (1995-2015) which was prepared almost 15 years ago addressing the issues of that time. But the development of Dhaka and its surroundings did not take place following Structure Plan (1995-2015) policies primarily due to the negligence in abiding by the plan and the weakness of development control activities of concerned agencies/authorities. Besides, although it was instructed in the Structure Plan to review policies every five years but there was no such review till preparation of DAP (2010-2015). Recently, initiatives have been taken to prepare revised Dhaka Structure Plan (2016-2035). As the validity of Detailed Area Plan (2010-2015) will come to an end by 2015, RAJUK needs a revised Detailed Area Plan (2016-2035) after 2015 to control the development o