Feasibility Study of Three Economic Zones (Sherpur in Maulvibazar and Anwara & Mirershorai in Chittagong) under Support to Capacity Building of Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority Project.

Client: Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority (BEZA)

Location:Sherpur in Maulvibazar; Sylhet and Anwara & Mirershorai in Chittagong; Bangladesh

Timeframe:June 2013 - February 2014

Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has established “Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority” (BEZA) under Prime Minister’s Office following the Economic Zone Act that was passed in the Parliament in August 2010, providing framework for establishing EZs (Economic Zones) all over Bangladesh. Accordingly, BEZA has launched an effort to establish a new EZ paradigm for Bangladesh drawing vast successful examples from around the world, as well as Bangladesh’s positive experience with the EPZ model. The new EZ regime provides for a new approach, both in management and investment. The objective of the study is to provide clear-cut data, information and analysis about the Feasibility Status of the 3 Proposed Economic Zones Sites located at Sherpur of Maulvibazar District, Anwara and Mirershorai of Chittagong District) including Transport Assessment, Industry/Market Assessment, Demand Forecast, Master Planning, infrastructure Requirements and Institutional Framework.