Detailed Survey and Preparation of Drainage Master Plan for Khulna City.

Client: Khulna City Corporation (KCC)

Location:Khulna City, Bangladesh.

Timeframe:September 2010 - May 2012

Khulna is a Divisional city of Bangladesh. It is the 3rd largest industrial and port city of the country. The city is densely populated with an estimated total population of about 15 lakh. This huge population put tremendous pressure on the city’s infrastructure facilities. Furthermore, water logging is a common scenario in the city during the rainy season because of lacking proper drainage network system. Thus population pressure and frequent water logging cause serious damage not only to roads but also to other infrastructure developed by KCC every year. Consequently, KCC has to incur huge financial outlay to restore/rehabilitate the infrastructure. Therefore, developing a well planned drainage network system in the city is of urgent need. Keeping this in view, a development project entitled “Excavation, re-excavation and preservation of natural canal and rivers and construction of bridge with a view to mitigating water logging problem of Khulna City” was proposed to the L