Preparation of Land use Master Plan of Khagrachari Pourashava

Client: Local Government Engineering Department (LGED)

Location:Khagrachari, Chittagong; Bangladesh.

Timeframe:January 1991 - August 1991

The main objectives of this project is provision for locational and spatial guidelines of land use at regional and national level, control of private and public development and provide incentive through physical planning approach. The plan provides technical backup for planned growth of human settlements and encourages development of employment opportunities at the zila level, which will ultimately reduce the pressure on the major cities. Finally the plan provides a guideline to develop the pourashava in a planned and cost effective manner. In the light of above circumstances, the objectives of the present project were to prepare a land use plan for the Khagracari Pourashava for the year 2010 A. D. considering the medium rate of growth and represents findings of land use, socio-economic survey and survey of core area. In programming and implementing the land use plan provides guidelines regarding priority actions, phasing, urban deferred, development control, monitoring, review etc