Rural Access Road Improvement Project in Sylhet Division

Client: Local Government Engineering Department (Fund: Islamic Development Bank)


Timeframe:October 2017 - Ongoing

The GoB has received total financing from IDB of US$3.00 million Loan (ID 2.00 million, BDT 234.00 million) and Istisna'a US$ 12.00 million (BDT 936.00 million) and Islamic Solidarity Fund for Development (ISFD) Loan US$ 15.00 million (BDT 1170.00 million) towards the cost of Rural Access Road Improvement Project in Sylhet. The Project will be implemented by LGED in 4 districts of Sylhet Division of Bangladesh at a cost of BDT 2870.40 million for improvement of rural roads market strengthening. The project components include improvement of 83 km of union roads, 171 km of village roads to bitumen surface standard, construction of 20 km submersible roads, construction of 140 meters of structures on union roads, construction of 400 meters of structures on village roads, construction of 285 km of earthen roads, rehabilitation of 190 km of roads, improvement of 38 markets and 60 km of road-side tree plantation and care taking etc. The improved roads will provide all weather green roa