Additional Drainage Study to determine a Sustainable Solution for the Drainage Problems in the Baggardona River Catchment Area.

Client: Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB)

Location:Rajshahi; Bangladesh

Timeframe:May 2008 - April 2009

The main objective of the study is to recommend an appropriate solution for the drainage problem of the catchment area of the Baggardona river in the context of sustainable land and water management, considering all relevant technical, social, economic, environmental and institutional aspects. The study will support to decide whether or not to construct a regulator in the Jarirdona khal and will provide the basis for a plan aiming at improvement of the drainage of the upstream part, particularly secondary and tertiary drains. Major output of the study is (i) Sustainable Drainage Plan; (ii) Design and probable cost estimate; (iii) Implementation Plan considering technical, socio-economic and environmental aspects; (iv) Economic analysis and EIRR of the project; (v) Presentation of the basic project information in GIS maps; and (vi) GIS database preparation.